Dear physics alumni, families, and friends,

This page is designed to keep you connected with the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago. Any feedback from you is much appreciated.

Young-Kee Kim
Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor
Chair, the Department of Physics
The University of Chicago

Annual Newsletter - Chicago Physics

Chicago Physics, the annual newsletter, will introduce some of our students, postdocs and staff as well as new members of our faculty. We will share with you good news about successes and recognition and also convey the sad news about the passing of members of our community. You will learn about the ongoing research activities in the Department and about events that took place in the previous year and that will take place this coming year. We will ship hard copies of every issue to home of physics alumni, families and friends. Hard copies of the inaugural issue, Chicago Physics ONE published in Summer 2017, have been shipped to home addresses that are available to us. If you have not received, please provide your information by clicking the “Stay in Tough!” button below.

Stay in Touch!

Physics alumni, families and friends, please update your contact or employment information by clicking the “Stay in Tough!” button above. Chicago Physics, the annual newsletter, will be shipped to you.

Give to Physics

Whether your gift is large or small, a gift to Chicago Physics gives the gift of science to countless individuals. Please take a moment to consider making a gift now. For more information on including Chicago in your estate planning or other giving questions, please contact Bill Lynerd at 773-702-3751.

Connect with fellow alumni

Since 2017, we host reunions for alumni at the APS March Meeting. The 2018 March Meeting will take place at LA Convention Center and the reunion reception will be on Tuesday, March 6 from 6pm to 8pm. Every alumnus, regardless of whether or not she/he attends the March Meeting, is invited. If you need more information, please contact Shadla Cycholl at or 773-702-7006.
Alumni can connect fellow alumni through Chicago Physics LinkedIn Page.

Advise our students

Graduates of its undergraduate and graduate programs in the Department of Physics have had an impact not only on physics, but also on a wide range of other fields such as public policy, education, technology, medicine, and life sciences. Physics undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs love to learn about the exciting and rewarding career opportunities open to them by hearing from alumni.

If you would like to visit campus to share your experience with our students, please contact Shadla Cycholl at or 773-702-7006. You can also connect our students through Chicago Physics LinkedIn Page.

Annual Physics Career Day with Alumni: