Department Colloquia

Thursdays, 4:00 p.m., KPTC 106, 5720 South Ellis Avenue

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Spring 2015 Colloquia

Date  Speaker/InstitutionTitle
April 2

Cristina Marchetti
Syracuse University

Self-Organization and Mechanics of Active Matter

April 9 Paul Wiegmann
University of Chicago

Geometry in Physics: Fractional Quantum Hall Effect- a Case Study

April 10 

William Irvine
University of Chicago
Special Colloquium

The life of vortex knot and links: Linking, coiling and twisting across scales

April 16

Linda Young
Argonne National Laboratory

Harnessing ultraintense x-rays: understanding the atomic response and designing applications

April 23

Stephanie Palmer
University of Chicago

Understanding the retina through the lens of prediction

April 30

John Goodenough
Zachariasen Lecture

Mott-Hubbard Transition in Ruthenium Perovskites
May 7 Gabriel Orebi
University of California, Berkeley

Here be dragons: mysteries of the neutrino

May 14

Ana Maria Rey
University of Colorado, Boulder

Building with Crystals of Light and Quantum Matter: From clocks to computers

 May 21  Doerte Blume
Washington State University

The three-body Efimov effect and extensions to more bodies

May 28 John Coster-Mullen

Little Boy, Fat Man and Nuclear Archeology

June 4

Juan de Pablo
University of Chicago, IME

Nanoparticles in liquid crystals, and liquid crystals in nanoparticles

June 5

Edward Stone  

The Voyager Odyssey
Special KICP, EFI & Physics Joint Colloquium 

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