Spring 2017 Colloquia

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April 27, 2017

Cameron Reed


Alma College

"The Manhattan Project: A Look at the Physics"

Host: Henry Frisch

May 4, 2017

Peter Littlewood

University of Chicago


Host: Mel Shochet

May 11, 2017

Lisa Manning

Syracuse University


Host: Sid Nagel

May 18,2017

Joe Incandela


May 25, 2017

Erez Berg

University of Chicago


Host: Philippe Guyot-Sionnest

June 1, 2017

Jacob Bean

University of Chicago


Host: Mel Shochet


March 31, 2017

Wolfgang Ketterle


Massachuettes Institute  of Technology

Nobel Laureate  2001

"New forms of matter with ultracold atoms: synthetic gauge fields and supersolidity"

Hosts: Cheng Chin

April 13, 2017

Steve Kivelson


Stanford University

"Intertwined Order in Highly Correlated Electron Fluids"

Host: Paul Wiegmann

April 20, 2017

Zoran Hadzibabic


University of Cambridge

"Quantum gas in a box"

Host: Cheng Chin