diversity & inclusion

The University of Chicago is located in a richly diverse city and the Department values the benefits that diversity brings to life and science. Whether an undergraduate student, graduate student, post-doctoral researcher, staff, or faculty member, in our Department you'll have a meeting of the minds with people from all over the world and from all walks of American life. Our diversity grows greater year by year. Below you'll find a sampling of some of the things we do. The best way to know even more is to come and see us sometime.

Society of Women in Physics (SWiP)

The mission of the UChicago Society of Women in Physics (SWiP) is to create a supportive environment for all undergraduate students in the physics department through mentorship programs, weekly homework nights, and quarterly activities that allows students to engage with each other, graduate students, post docs, and faculty members in both academic and social settings. For more information please visit our website or join our listhost for weekly updates. Our main quarterly events are listed below:

  • Autumn: Graduate/Undergraduate Student Mixer
  • Winter: Hot Chocolate Night
  • Spring: Pizza with Professors (and Post-docs!)


We have forged a partnership with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). This partnership "...encourages UChicago faculty to collaborate with AIMS faculty in the development of new curriculum and experimental program content, and to explore joint research projects and future academic collaborations." We also anticipate that this partnership will help bring students into our programs. The UChicago-AIMS faculty working group is co-chaired by two physics faculty members: Paul Wiegmann and Peter Littlewood.

Women in Graduate Science (WIGS)

The Women in Graduate Science come together at least once per quarter and span several departments in the Physical Sciences and Molecular Engineering.

REU Programs

The Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) and the Department of Physics jointly run REU programs that bring a diverse group of undergraduate students to Chicago to experience an environment of research, academic development, and social and professional networking. 

Graduate Women in Physics (GWIP)

University of Chicago Graduate Women In Physics is an active part of the Physics department that strives to include and empower undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral scholars.  We host and participate in a variety of professional development events including our biweekly Women in Physics Research talks involving speakers from various fields of research and many Universities, and annual visits to Argonne and Fermilab.

The group actively participates in events promoting inclusiveness in academia and spreads awareness of key issues relevant to women and minorities pursuing scientific careers. There is a strong relationship between graduate WIP’s and the undergraduate SWiP program, including one-on-one mentorships and combined events.

During the summer our members are strongly involved in the REU program, offering help and guidance for women considering scientific pursuits and applying for graduate school. Along with supporting members' academic ambitions, Women in Physics fosters an open community by hosting social events, such as monthly Graduate Women in Physics dinners and socials, that bring together students, postdocs, and faculty at the University of Chicago. 

Bridge to PhD Program

The Department of Physics runs a small Bridge to PhD program which provides an opportunity for students to build and/or enhance their background in physics and to gain key research mentoring in preparation for PhD level work. Our program works in collaboration with the Bridge Program run by the American Physical Society.  Women and under-represented minority students are especially encouraged to apply.

Resources for LGBTQ

Our department and university is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for sexual and gender minorities. The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Student Life (https://lgbtq.uchicago.edu/) at U. Chicago provides local resources and community for students and postdocs. Margaret Gardel is faculty mentor for any students with questions or concerns on LGBTQ issues.

The American Physical Society also provides resources, including a 2015 climate report for LGBTQ Physicists (https://www.aps.org/programs/lgbt/) and resulted in the creation of a networking resource for LGBT+ Physicists (http://lgbtphysicists.org).