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The Graduate Student Open House

Our Open House for prospective graduate students is February 28 - March 2, 2019. Details will become available when the date gets closer.

Graduate Student Resources

If you wish to speak to someone about the Ph.D. program, or other issues pertaining to your experience as a graduate student, please contact either David Reid, the Executive Officer, Stuart Gazes, the Undergraduate Program Chair, or Young-Kee Kim, the Department Chair.

Climate Committee

In addition to the above individuals, the department has also established a Climate Committee. Part of this committee's role is to help students resolve issues that may arise during their time in our program. You should feel free to contact the members of this committee as needed.  The current members are: Margaret Gardel (Chair), Henry Frisch, Daniel Holz, David Schmitz, and Abigail Vieregg.

Files highlighting general resources for graduate students may be downloaded here:
A concise sheet of resources
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