Heising-Simons Summer Program

The Heising-Simons Summer Program is designed to give promising undergraduate female physics majors an opportunity to do summer research in physics laboratories.  Financial support is provided in the form of a stipend that enables the students to participate in the summer research program.  The program includes mentoring and activities to help students overcome math anxiety, to sharpen lab skills, and to provide training in in computer coding, electronics, and machining skills needed for a successful career in physics.  Mentors include both faculty, 3rd- and 4th-year female undergraduates, who will mentor 1st- and 2nd-year undergraduates, and female graduate students, who will mentor 3rd- and 4th-year female undergraduates.

Laura Braverman
Whansung Jang
Xiaohe Jia
Jasmine Kalia
Aurelia Li
Naixin Liang
Yingli Liang
Huiting Liu
Annie Xia

Julia Book
Laura Braverman
Aware Deshmukh
Shuwen Fang
Medha Goyal
Xiaohe Jia
Lisa Lin
Tianle Liu
Lily Liu
Darcy Newmark
Siqi Ni
Robin Peter
MaCheaux Ransom
Ellie Rath
Sophia Vlahakis
Tara Vogel
Qiqi Wang
Huayue Xue
Chuan Yin
Hanjue Zhu