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The Unexpected Bose fireworks
Cheng Chin, James Franck institute, Enrico Fermi institute, University of Chicago

Experiments occasionally come with surprises. In this talk, I will describe the story behind the discovery of Bose fireworks, a sudden emission of matterwave jets from  a periodic Bose-Einstein condensate. The jet emission originates from collective scattering of atoms, seeded by quantum fluctuations and amplified by bosonic stimulation. The process results in an intricate jet emission pattern resembling those observed in high-energy collisions of heavy ions as well as Unruh radiation near the event horizon. It also offers us new insight to understand quantum pattern formation and molecular Bose condensate. I will describe the intriguing journey we have had and future goals associated with the Bose fireworks.

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Colloquia and Lectures

Aug 13