Physics Colloquium

3:30–4:30 pm Zoom

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The Dark Side of String Theory

Tristan Hubsch, Howard University

Host: Young-Kee Kim

A closer reexamination of a family of models with a 3+1-dimensional de Sitter spacetime obtained in the standard low-energy limit of string theory reveals a host of novel features: On the phenomenological side, they predict several types of dark energy and dark matter, including a cosmological constant consistent with observations of the accelerated expansion of the Universe. These stem from cosmologically broken supersymmetry, the inherent strong coupling of these models, and the ensuing involvement of additional, non-commutative, phase-space-like stringy degrees of freedom. The inclusion of these, hitherto ignored degrees of freedom also implies a natural seesaw-like solution to the hierarchy problem.

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Colloquia and Lectures

Dec 10