Physics & Contemporary Architecture: Lecture 7

5:30–6:30 pm Zoom

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Lecture 7: Designing the 41st & 43rd Street Chicago Pedestrian Bridges

John Clark, Cordogan Clark

A founding principal of Cordogan, Clark & Associates, John Clark manages the firm's Chicago office, and together with his partner, John Cordogan, is responsible for the architecture, design, and construction quality of the firm's projects. John has won national and international design and design/ build competitions for a variety of projects, including the new bridge-based Pavilions for the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority; for the 41st and 43rd street bridges, Chicago; and the Florida Oasis redevelopment. He has designed a broad range of projects in the Chicago area, the Midwest, and internationally. These have ranged from large-scale municipal, institutional, and educational facilities to high-rise, multi-use office and hotel complexes. John has completed a wide variety of significant projects involving urban planning, municipal design, and historic and contextual design. Recent designs include major planning projects in China, with a particular emphasis on integrating architecture with nature. John has served on design award juries for The American Institute of Architects and has been a visiting design juror at the University of Illinois, Illinois Institute of Technology, and at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he has also served on the design faculty.

Professors Heinrich Jaeger and Sidney Nagel of the Physics Department at the University of Chicago are pleased to offer a public guest lecture series, about innovative approaches to resolving physical forces in architecture and design, as part of their spring 2022 course. This lecture series is supported by the College Curricular Innovation Fund and organized in cooperation with the Arts, Science & Culture Initiative at The University of Chicago.

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Colloquia and Lectures

May 19