Physics & Contemporary Architecture: Lecture 9

5:30–6:30 pm Zoom

Lectures are open to the general public via Zoom. Register here.

Lecture 9: Title TBA

Moshe Safdie, Safdie Architects

Moshe Safdie (CC FAIA FRAIC OAA) is an architect, urban planner, educator, theorist and author. Over a 50-year career, he has explored the essential principles of socially responsible design through a comprehensive and humane design philosophy. Safdie has had impact through his multiculturalism, commitment to geographic, social and cultural elements that define a place, and constant search for typological and technological innovation. His exemplary projects have inspired generations of architects and include cultural, educational, and civic institutions; neighborhoods and public parks; housing; mixed-use urban centers; airports; and master plans for both existing communities and entirely new cities. Safdie has had projects in North and South America, the Middle East, and throughout Asia. He is most identified with designing Marina Bay Sands and Jewel Changi Airport, as well as his debut project, Habitat 67, originally conceived as his thesis at McGill University

Professors Heinrich Jaeger and Sidney Nagel of the Physics Department at the University of Chicago are pleased to offer a public guest lecture series, about innovative approaches to resolving physical forces in architecture and design, as part of their spring 2022 course. This lecture series is supported by the College Curricular Innovation Fund and organized in cooperation with the Arts, Science & Culture Initiative at The University of Chicago.

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Colloquia and Lectures

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