Exhibit of Artistic Scientific Images

Exhibit of Artistic Scientific Images

The Department of Physics
The University of Chicago

Dear members of the physics department,

To celebrate the beauty of your science, we will exhibit artistic scientific images. The images will be displayed online on the Physics Department website and in KPTC.

To participate, you must be a member of the Physics Department (current or former student, postdoc, staff or faculty) and the author of the image. The image should be of a good quality and size (at least 2 mega pixels) and could include scientific images, people, and/or equipment and the following should be submitted to Xiaohe Jia (xjia@uchicago.edu) by February 29, 2020:

• Title of the image
• Your name and your relation to the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago
• Description of the image (< 250 characters with spaces) including what the image depicts, and how and where it was made
• URL of the image for us to download. (That is, do not send by email but give us the address where we can find the image.)

Look forward to receiving many beautiful images from you,