Physics Colloquium

3:30–4:30 pm Maria Geoppert-Mayer Lecture Hall

Few-body near narrow two-body resonances

Lev Khaykovich, Bar-llan University( Winstein Distinguished Visiting Fellow)

An ubiquitous property of ultracold gases is the tunability of two-body interactions. When these interactions are resonantly enhanced, the quantum mechanical scattering problem supports weakly bound three-body states with universal properties such as independence of details of the short-range interaction potentials and discrete scaling invariance. Various aspects of this universality have been successfully demonstrated theoretically and experimentally in several atomic species in recent decades. Lithium, however, remains a notable exception stubbornly refusing to concur with the emergent framework. In this talk I will present an overview of the subject and will describe an increasingly involved theory-experiment collaborative effort to reveal the physics responsible for this puzzling behavior. Specifically, I will show how reshaped three-body interactions near narrow collisional resonances protect weakly bound three-body states in the atom-dimer continuum. 

Event Type

Colloquia and Lectures

Feb 22