News: 2022


Young-Kee Kim elected as a foreign member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology

March 20, 2022

On February 17, 2022, the Korean Academy of Science and Technology elected Young-Kee Kim as a foreign member. Professor Young-Kee Kim is a global scholar in particle physics, and was recognized for her outstanding work as deputy director of the Fermilab Institute, representing a research group involving more than 700 people from 12 countries. Read the article in Korean here.

Argonne and DOE programs guide physics student Buduka Ogonor’s pathway into scientific career

March 13, 2022

As a child, Buduka Ogonor would look out at the night sky and wonder about the physics behind neutron stars and black holes. Today, as a fourth-year student in the College at UChicago, Ogonor has continued to explore his fascination with physics through two programs at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory.

Fifth-year Physics Student Savannah Gowen Wins MRSEC Science Slam

March 13, 2022

Award-winning film presentation by Savannah Gowen demonstrates how training materials can be used to induce desired properties.


UChicago scientists create strange quantum ‘domain walls’ in laboratory

February 12, 2022

University of Chicago researchers at Chin Lab discovered how to create and manipulate a quantum phenomenon known as a "domain wall" - shown in this image as the lighter line between two groups of atoms. (Image adapted and color added from experiment data.)

Nine University of Chicago scholars named 2021 AAAS fellows

February 6, 2022

Nine University of Chicago researchers, including the Physics Department's Prof. Edward Blucher, were named 2021 fellows of the AAAS for their distinguished contributions to the sciences.


An Unexpected Twist Lights Up the Secrets of Turbulence

January 10, 2022

Having solved a central mystery about the “twirliness” of tornadoes and other types of vortices, William Irvine has set his sights on turbulence, the white whale of classical physics.