The 89th Compton Lectures

11:00 am–12:00 pm Maria Goeppert-Mayer Lecture Hall, KPTC 106
5720 South Ellis Ave.

Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking

The notion of symmetry is deeply rooted in our daily life in different manners. It can often be seen in the shape of cars, façade of buildings, and all sorts of human creations, or in the natural structure of tiny snowflakes by nature. These symmetries are often referred to as the geometry or appearance of objects. Symmetry can also appear in more abstract forms in art paintings, music, and fundamental physics. The concept of symmetry was first introduced to physics in the early 20th century to explain laws of physics. Until Even now it plays the most fundamental role in understanding secrets of the universe and in exploring new physics phenomena with unknown symmetries. EFI scientist Yu-Chen Tung will discuss the role of symmetry in this 89th edition of the Arthur Holly Compton Lectures.

Event Type

Lectures, Seminars

Apr 6