Physics Colloquium

3:30–4:30 pm Maria Goeppert-Mayer Lecture Hall

Kersten Physics Teaching Center
Room 106
5720 S. Ellis Avenue

Engineering large quantum systems atom-by-atom
Hannes Bernien, UChicago
Host: David Schuster

The realization of large-scale controlled quantum systems is an exciting frontier in modern physical science. Such systems can provide insights into fundamental properties of quantum matter, enable the realization of exotic quantum phases, and ultimately offer a platform for quantum information processing. Recently, reconfigurable arrays of neutral atoms with programmable Rydberg interactions have become promising systems to study such quantum many-body phenomena, due to their isolation from the environment, and high degree of control. I will show how these techniques can be used to study quantum phase transitions in spin models with system sizes up to 51 qubits and to create a 20 qubit GHZ entangled state. Prospects for scaling this approach beyond hundreds of qubits and the implementation of quantum algorithms will be discussed.

An alternative, hybrid approach for engineering interactions is the coupling of atoms to nanophotonic structures in which photons mediate interactions between atoms. Such a system can function as the building block of a large-scale quantum network. In this context, I will present a novel quantum network node architecture that is capable of long- distance entanglement distribution.

Event Type

Colloquia and Lectures

Feb 27