Instructional Services

General Information Winter Quarter 2020

The Instructional Services Office Hours are Monday through Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Instructional Services Office is designed to meet the needs of both Graduate and Undergraduate students on a day-to-day basis. Our office acts as a liaison between faculty, teaching assistants and students. Listed below are some of the services our office provides:

  • Call (702-7019) if you can't make your laboratory because of illness or some other reason(s)
  • If you need copies of homework assignments, handouts, lecture notes, etc.
  • If you're looking for any lost items that may have been turned into KPTC 205
  • If you need to get in touch with your Discussion or Laboratory TA
  • If you need to get in touch with your Course Instructor
  • If you need to make any change to your assigned laboratory or Physics course

We are here to help you with general Physics course-related information, etc.  You should stop by the Physics Instructional Services Office during office hours, phone at 773-702-7019, or email at

Laboratory Section Assignment Information

All students in the following courses should consult the course bulletin board outside of KPTC 106 beginning the first day of the Quarter to confirm their Lab Section assignments:

  • Physical Sciences 11700
  • Physics 12200-01
  • Physics 12200-02
  • Physics 13200-01
  • Physics 13200-02
  • Physics 13200-03
  • Physics 14200-01
  • Physics 14200-02

Confirmation consists of merely checking the lists of names we have posted from the Registrar's Office to make sure our information is current, and you are indeed assigned to the right lab at the right time. All Students MUST be registered for a Lab Section to be in the course.

If a student's name is missing or highlighted, that student should immediately report to the Instructional Services Office (KPTC 205) as soon as possible to resolve any registration discrepancies.

All changes in course registration either adding or dropping courses or lab section changes must be made through the Physics Instructional Services Office (KPTC 205) no later than the end of the day Thursday week 1 of the Quarter.  Subsequent changes will start again the following Monday, of week 2.

Please note that undergraduate laboratories begin in week 3 of each quarter, unless otherwise indicated in handouts and/or literature given out by the instructor teaching the course. The posted lists received from the Registrars Office are effective as of the first day of the current quarter. Even if you receive verification of the lab section you are assigned to from the Registrars Office -- PLEASE CHECK AGAIN TO BE SURE YOU ARE ASSIGNED TO A LAB SECTION AND REGISTERED FOR A PHYSICS COURSE.

If your name does not appear on the posted assignments, you must do a COURSE ADD in KPTC 205.  Please print out the ONLINE CONSENT FORM found on and bring the form to KPTC 205.

Any LAB SECTION CHANGE must also be done in KPTC 205.

ALL Registration Request Forms must be signed in KPTC 205 (Instructional Services Office) only--not by the Course Instructors.

Discussion Sections Information

Discussion Sections will begin meeting in week 2 of the quarter.  Students should consult the course bulletin board outside of KPTC 106 for Discussion Section assignments.

Faculty and Teaching Assistants Office Hours Information

Office hours for each of the Instructors and Teaching Assistants will be available via course handouts, web pages, and/or the Canvas site.

Final Exams

Graded final exams from the previous quarter will be available for pick up in KPTC 205 until around the middle of the current quarter.

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