Anthony Badea

Postdoctoral Researcher
Schmidt Fellow

Anthony Badea
Michelson Center for Physics
MCP 213


Dual bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2019, a master’s in Physics from Harvard University in 2020, and a Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard University in 2023.


Anthony Badea is an experimental particle physicist interested in understanding fundamental aspects of nature. Using high energy particle collisions, Anthony provides new insights into searches for Beyond the Standard Model physics and matter in extreme conditions, similar to those of the early universe. He has pioneered machine learning based searches in many jet final states of proton-proton collisions and studies of high-density quantum chromodynamics using electron-positron collisions. He aims to build the next-generation of experiments to understand properties of the Higgs boson and nature of dark matter by developing AI-engrained chips, sensors, and techniques.


Outside of the lab, you can find Anthony hiking, skiing, biking and traveling.