Keisuke Harigaya

Assistant Professor

Keisuke Harigaya
MCP 343


Keisuke Harigaya received his PhD in physics from the University of Tokyo (Japan). He held postdoctoral positions at the UC Berkeley (California), the Institute for Advanced Study (New Jersey), and CERN (Switzerland/France). He joined the University of Chicago as a faculty member in 2022.


Keisuke Harigaya studies theoretical particle physics and cosmology. He studies mysteries/problems confronting particle physics, constructs models to explain them, and predicts signals to test the models. He is especially interested in the strong CP problem, axion cosmology, dark matter, baryogenesis, grand unification, electroweak symmetry breaking, and inflation. The predictions of the models can be tested by direct/indirect detections of dark matter, the Large Hadron Collider, future colliders, beam-dump experiments, axion searches, measurements of neutrino parameters, observations of the cosmic microwave background, gravitational waves and structure formation, etc.