Matthew King

Graduate Student
Research Advisor: Bonnie Fleming

Matthew King
MCP 243


Hi! I'm Matt, an experimental neutrino physicist in Bonnie Fleming's research group. I find neutrinos fascinating, and an excellent way to probe their properties is through liquid argon detectors. Towards this end, I conduct analyses on the ICEBERG (DUNE prototype), and LArIAT detectors, and I am involved in commissioning and calibrating the SBND neutrino detector. Specifically, I have been involved in developing and maintaining the data quality monitoring system for SBND, analyzing the noise conditions of SBND and ICEBERG, and conducting an analysis of the cross-section of pion absorption in LArIAT.

Beyond research, teaching brings me great joy. I love working with and teaching students! Outside of work, I like running, playing the piano, writing short stories and poetry, and spending time with friends.


Research Area: Particle Physics

Research Groups: Enrico Fermi Institute, Fermilab, Experimental Physics, Particle Physics