Scott Mackey

Graduate Student
Research Advisor: Abigail Vieregg

Scott Mackey
ERC 426


Research Areas: Astrophysics, Cosmology, Particle Physics

Research Groups: Enrico Fermi Institute, Kavli Institute

Scott is an astrophysicist who likes to be in the lab. His work focuses on building instrumentation for the next generation of astrophysical neutrino searches and cosmic microwave background observatories. He also moonlights as an X-ray astronomer to study high-energy phenomena at the Galactic Center.


Recent Publications:
"X-rays from a Central 'Exhaust Vent' of the Galactic Center Chimney", Scott C.
Mackey, Mark R. Morris, Gabriele Ponti, Konstantina Anastasopoulou, Samaresh Mon-
dal, Accepted to ApJL, arXiv:2310.02892 (2023)