Zoe Yan

Assistant Professor

Zoe Yan


Zoe Yan is an assistant professor at the James Franck Institute and the Dept. of Physics, joining in August 2023. She studies experimental quantum many-body physics, using the platforms of ultracold atoms and molecules. Her experiments combine cutting-edge technologies in trapping and imaging quantum particles and tailoring their interactions to realize custom Hamiltonians.

Before joining UChicago, Zoe was a Dicke Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University.  She earned her Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her B.S. with honors in physics from Stanford University.

Selected Publications

  • Christakis et al, "Probing site-resolved correlations in a spin system of ultracold molecules," Nature 614, 64 (2023)
  • Rosenberg et al, "Observation of the Hanbury Brown–Twiss effect with ultracold molecules," Nature Physics 18, 1062 (2022)
  • Yan et al, "Two-Dimensional Programmable Tweezer Arrays of Fermions," Physical Review Letters, 129, 123201 (2022)
  • Yan et al, "Resonant Dipolar Collisions of Ultracold Molecules Induced by Microwave Dressing," Physical Review Letters, 125, 063401 (2020)
  • Yan et al, "Bose polarons near quantum criticality," Science 368, 190 (2020)
  • Park et al, "Second-scale nuclear spin coherence time of ultracold 23Na40K molecules," Science 357, 372 (2017)

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