Tentative Committee Assignments

Tentative Committee Assignments for 2019-20

The Appointments and Promotions Committee assignment is for fifteen months, beginning each Oct. 1, to allow for continuity of pending Dec. 15 cases. The Candidacy Committee assignment begins in late summer through the following spring quarter. All other committee assignments are from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 of the academic year.

The TAC also includes representatives from the Department (M. Chantell, S. Gazes, DGS) and the College (Jane Bohnsack) and two students appointed by the Chair. 

Policy and Strategy YK. Kim, E. Blucher, J. Carlstrom, H. Jaeger, P. Littlewood, R. Rosner 
Appointments & Promotions (10/1/19-12/31/20)
J. Harvey, P. Wiegmann, M. Shochet, J. Collar, D. Awschalom
(cases started during academic year 2019-20) 
D. Kutasov, S. Nagel, P. Privitera, M. Levin, D. Schuster
(cases started during academic year 2018-19) 
Teaching Activities V. Vitelli, R. Rosner, M. Gardel, D. Schmitz, A. Vieregg, D. Miller 
Candidacy Committee S. Sethi, D.T. Son, M. Oreglia, KJ Kim, A. Murugan
Colloquium D. Schuster, L.T. Wang, M. Rust, W. Zhang, YK. Kim (named lecturers) 
Friday Lectures K. Levin, Y. Wah 
Admissions C. Wagner, E. Martinec, W. Irvine, S. Palmer, H. Frisch, G. Savard, S. Nagaitsev, S. Wakely, P. Privitera, M. Levin, S. Ryu, J. Simon, P. Guyot-Sionnest 
Graduate Student Recruiting J. Simon, D. Holz, A. Vieregg, L. Grandi  
Fellowships and Awards R. Wald, C. Chin 
Faculty Awards
Forget the Year Party YK. Kim
SPS & GRE Advisor Y. Wah
Physics REU Program S. Nagel, TBD 
Education, Outreach, and Communication YK. Kim, S. Nagel 
Chicago Physics Magazine P. Littlewood
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion L. Young, S. Meyer, M. Gardel, D. Miller 
Undergraduate Lab Task Force M. Chantell, D. McCowan, K. Van De Bogart, H. Jaeger, S. Meyer, V. Vitelli
Conf. for Undergrad Women in Physics L. Young, S. Sethi