Physics and Math Tutoring Program

The physics department offers open-hours peer tutoring aimed at students in the introductory physics sequences (PHYS 120s, 130s, & 140s). The focus of the program is fundamental math and physics skills needed for introductory physics that may not be covered in detail in the courses. This tutoring program features upper-level physics undergraduate students as tutors who will be available in person for a few hours on weekday evenings.

The drop-in tutoring schedule is on the calendar below. Drop-in tutoring is available in the evenings from Monday to Thursday from 5 - 9 pm Central in KPTC 307.

In 2020, a pilot workshop program to cover math topics relevant to the intro-sequence courses was held. These workshops will not be run this year, but you can find the notes, problems, and solutions from the workshops below.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Professor Zosia Krusberg (

Week 2: Solving algebraic equations and systems of equations (Problems and Notes) (Solutions)

Week 3: Vectors in 2D and 3D (Problems and Notes) (Solutions)

Week 4: Single-variable integrals (Problems and Notes) (Solutions)

Week 5: Derivatives and optimization (Problems and Notes) (Solutions)

Week 6: Multivariable integrals (Problems and Notes) (Solutions)

Week 7: Relating angular and linear motion (Problems and Notes) (Solutions)

Week 8: Trigonometry: frequency and phase (Problems and Notes) (Solutions)

Week 10: Intro to differential equations (Problems and Notes) (Solutions)

Week 2: Coordinates, Surface Integrals, and Volume Integrals (Notes)

Week 3: Divergence and Gradient (Notes)

Week 4: The Laplacian (Notes)

Week 5: Curl (Notes)

Week 6: Line Integrals (Notes)

Week 7: Ordinary Differential Equations (Notes)

Week 8: Partial Differential Equations (Notes)

Week 9: Integral and Differential Forms of Maxwell's Equations (Notes)