Teaching Assignments

Academic Year 2020-21

Revised 8/19/2020

Autumn 2020 Winter 2021 Spring 2021

PHYS 12100 a General Physics I (MWF) A. Murugan
12100 b General Physics I (TTh) S. Gazes
13100 a Mechanics (MWF) D. Reid
13100 b Mechanics (TTh) H. Jaeger
13100 c Mechanics (MWF) D. Schmitz
14100 a Honors Mechanics (MWF) S. Nagel
14100 b Honors Mechanics (TTh) A. Vieregg
18500 Intermediate Mechanics D. Kutasov
21101 Experimental Physics I J. Simon
22100 Math Methods of Physics M. Oreglia
23500 Quantum Mechanics II C. Wagner
25000 Computational Physics J. Collar
26400 Spacetime and Black Holes D. Reid
27900 Statistical and Thermal Physics K. Levin
29100 Senior Thesis Project Laboratory C. Cordova / M. Levin
31600 Advanced Classical Mechanics D. Kutasov
33000 Mathematical Methods of Physics A. Murugan
33500 Advanced Experimental Physics Projects
(Expt. Requirement Policy)
M. Shochet
34100 Graduate Quantum Mechanics I LT. Wang
35300 Advanced Statistical Mechanics P. Wiegmann
36100 Solid State Physics P. Littlewood
42600 Fluid Dynamics W. Zhang
44300 Quantum Field Theory I E. Martinec

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PHSC 11700 Physics for Future Presidents II: Energy and Sustainability P. Littlewood
PHYS 12200 a General Physics II (MWF) D. Reid
12200 b General Physics II (TTh) S. Kharel
13200 a Electricity & Magnetism (MWF) M. Levin
13200 b Electricity & Magnetism (TTh) Z. Krusberg
13200 c Electricity & Magnetism (MWF) D. Schmitz
14200 a Honors Electricity & Magnetism (MWF) H. Frisch
14200 b Honors Electricity & Magnetism (TTh) M. Oreglia
21102 Experimental Physics II P. Privitera
21400 Creative Machines and Innovative Instrumentation S. Meyer / E. Shirokoff
21900 Dimensional Analysis W. Irvine / D. Miller
22500 Intermediate Electricity & Magnetism I YK. Kim
23410 Quantum Mechanics I J. Harvey
23600 Solid State Physics W. Kang
24300 Advanced Quantum Mechanics S. Sethi
29200 Senior Thesis Project Laboratory C. Cordova / M. Levin
32200 Advanced Electrodynamics 1 R. Wald
33500 Advanced Experimental Physics Projects
(Expt. Requirement Policy)
M. Shochet
34200 Graduate Quantum Mechanics II LT. Wang
36400 General Relativity C. Cordova
36600 Hard Condensed Matter K. Levin
38500 Advanced Mathematical Methods P. Wiegmann
42900 Advanced Hydrodynamics D. Son
44400 Quantum Field Theory II E. Martinec
47100 Modern Atomic Physics J. Simon

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PHYS 11800 Physics & Contemporary Architecture H. Jaeger / S. Nagel
PHYS 12300 a General Physics III (MWF) M. Gardel
PHYS 12300 b General Physics III (TTh) S. Gazes
13300 a Waves, Optics, & Heat (MWF) Y. Wah
13300 b Waves, Optics, & Heat (TTh) Z. Krusberg
13300 c Waves, Optics, & Heat (MWF) P. Guyot-Sionnest
14300 a Honors Waves, Optics, & Heat (MWF) D. Schuster
14300 b Honors Waves, Optics, & Heat (TTh) C. Chin
21103 Experimental Physics III L. Grandi
22600 Electronics W. Kang
22700 Intermediate Electricity & Magnetism II D. Miller
23510 Quantum Mechanics II J. Harvey
23700 Nuclei and Elementary Particles G. Savard
25200 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos W. Zhang
29300 Senior Thesis Project Laboratory C. Cordova / M. Levin
32300 Advanced Electrodynamics II R. Wald
33400 Advanced Experimental Physics
(Expt. Requirement Policy)
C. Chin / Y. Wah
33500 Advanced Experimental Physics Projects  
(Expt. Requirement Policy)
M. Shochet
35200 Statistical Mechanics V. Vitelli
36300 Introduction to Particle Physics L. Grandi
36700 Soft Matter Physics V. Vitelli
37200 Space Physics J. Collar
38600 Advanced Data Analysis A. Vieregg
44100 Advanced Particle Detectors H. Frisch
44500 Quantum Field Theory III S. Sethi

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