Undergraduate Student Resources

Physics Department Counselors: If you wish to speak to someone about any of the physics programs, or other issues pertaining to your experience as a physics student, please contact Stuart Gazes, the Undergraduate Program Chair, Zosia Krusberg, Director of Graduate Studies, or Young-Kee Kim, the Department Chair.

Every spring the department hosts a "Grad School Forum." This event, lead by a member of the department's academic staff, offers advice on things such as the following:

  • Should you pursue a master's degree or a Ph.D.?
  • How to choose the right graduate school.
  • How to prepare your application for graduate school.
  • How to prepare for the GRE.

Although the target audience is physics majors in the spring of their third year (or equivalent), all physics majors are welcome to attend. An announcement of the day and time of the grad school forum will be made in early-to-mid spring quarter and sent to the SPS listhost.

Every autumn quarter, the department offers an unofficial GRE preparation seminar called PHYS 990. This "course" is designed to be the final stage in a student's preparation for the annual November offering of the GRE subject test in physics. Typically, PHYS 990 consists of a partial review of some of the basic areas of physics usually covered on the exam, especially those subjects in which students tend to be weak or rusty. In addition to this review, students are also advised of certain tips and tricks that will help improve performance as well as 2 or 3 simulated practice exams. Details for the next offering of PHYS 990 is usually given at the Grad School Forum.