Inghram Lectures

The purpose of the biennial Inghram Lecture is to present lucid experimental demonstrations of some of the laws and processes of nature and the theoretical interpretation of these results to a broad community. The level of presentation should be that of undergraduate students and/ or advanced high school students. It should seek to interest, explain and excite individuals, as well as enhance the understanding of selected basic laws of physics.”

Quantum Information for the Common Man: What IMAX has to do with Quantum Cryptography

Paul G. Kwiat, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Abstract: The quantum information revolution promises that the bizarre features of quantum mechanics can enable tasks impossible with classical physics. One of the most advanced yet simplest examples is provably secure encryption. In this lecture we’ll review all the basics needed to understand how quantum cryptograph works, using essentially the same physics as an IMAX 3D movie. Then we’ll discuss some of the latest efforts to get quantum cryptography ‘off the ground’, quite literally! Come see the cool demos!