Committee Assignments

2023-2024 Committee Assignments

The Appointments and Promotions Committee assignment is for fifteen months, beginning each October 1, to allow for continuity of pending December 15 cases. The Diagnostic Exam Committee assignment begins in late summer through the following spring quarter. 

Policy and Strategy

 P. Littlewood, E. Blucher, J. Carlstrom, M. Gardel, Y.-K. Kim, R. Rosner, D. Son, A. Vieregg

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

M. Carena (chair), J. McMahon, D. Reid

Teaching Activities Committee (TAC)

H. Jaeger (chair), H. Frisch, D. Schmitz, S. Gazes, Z. Krusberg, S. Palmer, D. Reid, M. Chantell, B. Poll (SWIP), F. Braaten (SPS), P. Fields, S. Gowen

Faculty Appointments & Promotions

E. Martinec (Current Cases),  L. Wang (New Cases), S. Nagel, P. Privitera

Junior Faculty Search

S. Nagel, H. Jaeger, W. Irvine, C. Chin

Faculty Excellence

P. Littlewood, M. Gardel, E. Blucher, S. Wakely

Early Careers: Fellowships and Prizes

Y. Wah, W. Zhang, W. Kang 

Graduate Students: Admissions

L. Grandi (chair), Z. Krusberg, C. Cordova, C. Chin, M. Levin, A. Murugan, W. Irvine, L. Young, K. DiPetrillo, J. Harvey, D. Holz,  D. Miller, P. Kusumo

Graduate Students: Recruitment

K. Harigaya, S. Sethi, E. Jerison, P. Kusumo

Graduate Students: Diagnostic Exam

Z. Krusberg, W. Zhang, W. Kang, D. Kutasov, R. Wald

Undergraduates: Physics REU

S. Nagel, E. Sheu

Colloquium and Lecture Series

C. Wagner, P. Weigmann, V. Vitelli

Annual Magazine: Chicago Physics

P. Littlewood, S. Cycholl

Alumni Relations

P. Littlewood

Advisor to Societies (SPS, SWiP, WAGMiP, REMiP, LGBTQ+)

P. Littlewood, S. Cycholl

Outreach including Physics with A Bang

H. Jaeger, S. Nagel, E. Sheu, L. Baralt-Nazario

Forget the Year Party

P. Littlewood, S. Cycholl, P. Kusumo