Sample Colloquium Confirmation Letter

Dear *:

I am delighted to confirm your Physics Colloquium on Thursday, *. The occasion includes the departmental tea at 3:30 pm and your lecture at 4:00 pm followed by a reception. May we please have your title by *?

We are eager to hear about your work. The Physics Colloquium is our major event of the week. Like most colloquia, ours is aimed at a broad audience spanning subfields from astrophysics to high-temperature superconductors. Although faculty attend, too, the colloquium is really pitched to the students. An overview for non-specialists would, therefore, be appreciated.

The University will reimburse you for all "necessary and reasonable" travel expenses incurred in connection with your lecture; coach airfare is the standard. After your trip, please send the Department an itemized list of your travel expenses, the original passenger coupon from your air ticket (or original electronic ticket receipt), and receipts for taxi fares and any expenses of $75 or more. For more detailed information, including prepaid transportation arrangements, please go to Shadla Cycholl ( in the Physics Department Office is your contact regarding University reimbursement policies or for a campus map.

Please let me know your travel plans as soon as possible (and at least ten days before your colloquium). Single accommodations have been reserved for you at the Quadrangle Club for Wednesday and Thursday nights, * and *. We will make any necessary changes if this does not match your travel plans. For your information, the Quad Club is located at 1155 East 57th Street, which is at the southeast corner at University Avenue. The phone number is 773-702-2550, and the fax number is 773-493-3792. The tea and your colloquium will be in the Kersten Physics Teaching Center, 5720 South Ellis Avenue, which is less than a quarter-mile due west of the Quad Club. Maps are available online at