About us

WAGMIP is made up of women and gender minorities in STEM. Most of our members are physics graduate students, but we also welcome people from chemistry, biology, molecular engineering, astrophysics, geophysics, etc. as well as undergraduates interested in these fields.

Our most frequent events are twice-monthly talks, generally by members of the UChicago physics department but occasionally by members of another department or from another university. These range from practice talks for upcoming conferences to professors’ presentations on their trajectories from college to faculty position.

In addition, we have occasional movie nights and dinners to chat with one another outside of scheduled talks. We are also becoming increasingly involved in department policy, for example by adding a graduate student member to the department’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee and meeting with the department chair to discuss changes we’d like to see.

Starting Fall 2019, we are planning on expanding our activities to get a wider group involved. If you are passionate about increasing diversity in STEM but don’t identify as a woman or gender minority, we’d be happy to have you working with us on (and attending!) workshops and other events open to the whole department.

If you want to be added to the WAGMIP email list, or have any questions or comments, send a quick note to Chloe at cwlindeman@uchicago.edu. If you don’t identify as a WAGMIP but want to be involved in implementing some of the plans described above, email Emily at easmith5@uchicago.edu. Either way, we’re excited to hear from you!